Alphabet Temporary Tattoos

Alphabet Temporary Tattoos

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A sheet of fabulous temporary tattoos featuring a whole alphabet of letters and symbols, so you can spell out your own message or phrase.

The sheet comes packaged simply in a cello bag, and would make a lovely small gift. They would be great for festivals and parties.

The sheet measures approximately 10 x 15cm across, each tattoo is around 1cm across. There are multiples for commonly used letters, although if you are looking to spell a particular phrase please check you don't need two sheets so that you have all the letters! There are also five red hearts and some punctuation symbols included.

The tattoos should be cut out and the clear sheet removed. The tattoo itself then sticks directly to clean, hair free skin. The white backing is dampened and can be removed after around thirty seconds. The tattoos last around three days but can be removed simply using a little baby oil.

The alphabet font was created by me, using a dip pen and ink. It's been digitally manipulated into this lovely unique font.

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